Vision & Mission

Our new strategy represents an ambitious step-change looking to engage our community and develop our resources to help drive the green agenda across our city centre.

A New Leaf’s vision

A Manchester where urban nature is part of the fabric of the community. With those who live and work here collaborating with decision makers to create vibrant, safe and sustainable nature in the city.

A city galvanized behind the idea of fitting urban nature in every nook and cranny possible to give everyone the chance to enjoy even just a little piece of green space. People will be be inspired and impassioned to play their part in making Manchester greener.

Our Strategy

Reflecting on the challenges and opportunities relating to green space in Manchester and the people who develop, care for and enjoy it, we’ve built our strategy around four key pillars – engagement, facilitation, knowledge sharing, and developing our resources. Below we’ve set out what we want to achieve and how, under each of these four pillars.


Green space is an essential resource, but it’s undervalued and people are disconnected. Whether it’s city dwellers, commuters, or policy makers, we want to (re)connect them with urban nature and inspire them to green Manchester city centre.

2. Facilitation

There are hundreds of ways to green the city centre. We want to seek out these opportunities and bring the right people together to help develop and deliver them.

3. Knowledge sharing

Apart, greening groups risk encountering the same challenges and reinventing the wheel. Together, we can be greater than the sum of our parts. We want to encourage sharing of learning across our network and beyond, to affect positive change.

4. Developing our resources

We need more people and resources to help us do more, and we need the right systems in place to help us do it right.