Share your skills and ideas with us

Whether it's an idea for a community park or helping to plant one we always need your help.

Blossoming Ideas

Our projects all came about by listening to people and working with them to act on their ideas and inspiration. Every project we undertake is a melting pot of ideas from across the community and we always want to hear new thoughts.

Where would grow boxes make a block of flats look more alive? Where could a community garden make a neglected site bloom? And which streets would blossom if they were lined with trees?

Let us know the ideas you’ve always had for Portland Street, the commute you’ve dreamt of down Deansgate, this is a space for all Manchester residents, commuters and anyone who uses or comes in and out of Manchester City Centre.

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From the Grass Roots

We started out as a group of residents keen to change the little bit of world around us. Now we’re an organisation actively changing the environment we live in and the city we pass on to future generations.

From community organisers, graphic designers, accountants and urban designers we’ve built our foundations on our skills and a desire to see a greener city.

If you would like to share your expertise with us or participate in one of our projects in any way, get in touch, we need the support of our community to keep growing!

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