Hello, welcome to New Leaf.

We are a charity fuelled by volunteer efforts. A combination of local residents and former residents of Manchester, we each bring to A New Leaf a range of expertise and personal interests in greening public urban spaces.

Get involved

For a greener Manchester

We invest our own time and energy in community initiatives that care for the green spaces in our city, and campaign for improved access to green space across Manchester’s city centre. We are also a network and community that organise events and activities that bring people together to share in the trials and tribulations of our volunteer efforts.

Working together

Friends of A New Leaf include City of Trees, The National Trust, Hulme Community Garden Centre, Skyliner, Countryscape, Reason Digital, University of Manchester and Manchester Print Fair.

Our approach

We value green space in urban areas and we are motivated by one another’s experiences of caring for the projects and initiatives that take place across the city. This includes guerilla gardening, design activism, allotment gardening, managing green and blue infrastructure, supporting community garden centres, tree planting, graphic communication and print making, bee keeping, health and well-being, educational programming, flash fiction and creative writing.... and so the list continues.