James Field

Secretary & trustee

I love Manchester and have actively been involved in community initiatives, fundraising and campaigns for the past 15 years.  I’m passionate about life and believe the best way to express this is helping to develop places (like Stevenson Square) we can all live, work and play in!   That’s why setting up A New Leaf was a massive personal achievement and now I want to share this with everyone who enjoys our city.  As the Chair, I want to create a charity that involves anyone who is passionate about greening and continues to make Manchester a better, more greener place, for the future.


Greg Ashton


Digital Strategist by day, bit of an activist by night, think it's my old age, that and working in the third sector. In my first weeks of working at my agency, Reason Digital, I was introduced to the green roof project in Stevenson square and A New Leaf, years later I’m a trustee. It’s so important to take an active role in your community, whether that’s the place you live or work, to shape the places around us and make them better for everyone.

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Howard Bristol


Lover of all things green and long-time plant aficionado, I'm a country boy turned city centre resident who cares about Manchester's precious green spaces and would like to see nature flourish in the city. When I'm not busy managing projects for a national conservation charity, I'm helping run NQGrowboxes, guerilla gardening, or at the allotment. Through A New Leaf I'm keen for more people to have the opportunity to help make Manchester greener and celebrate the nature it has to offer.


Becca Taylor


I am a designer-activist-researcher. As an activist I campaign for initiatives close to my heart such as the NQGrowboxes in Piccadilly Basin. When I lived in Manchester’s City Centre I would look out of my window at concrete and car parks and the NQGrowboxes served as a beautiful reminder of the life, nature and change of seasons that can and do occur in a city centre. As a designer-researcher I co-produce events and activities and I’m continually curious about how we experience, care and maintain green space in Manchester.


Melanie Smith


I have lived in the Northern Quarter for 13 years now, one morning walking past Pocket Park I stopped to speak to some local residents who were gardening, I’m not sure what made me stop to chat that day but a few months later I had taken over running NQGreening! A year later I was also running NQGrowboxes, a fabulous patch of green space on a car park in the middle of the city, a few months after that I became one of the  trustees of A New Leaf.

I get so much joy from these tiny pockets of green which we definitely need more lets see what we can do about that.


Alessandra Mostyn

creative support

I discovered A New Leaf after designing a flyer for the Hilton Street Tree Project with City of Trees. I felt inspired and thought I could support the cause through my event Manchester Print Fair. Starting with a poster competition to raise funds for the street trees, I continue to support with sales of prints at my events and lend spare time producing promotional design and marketing for the team. As a Londoner who moved here over 10 years ago, I have always thankful of the close knit communities here that can support ideas, create connections and spark change.
A New Leaf
continues to do just this with an open mind and green heart.


Hayley Flynn


I'm a writer and tour guide, and cities and their designs are what most inspires me to drive change. I promote what I call 'honest tourism' which means I don't want to gloss over issues when I show groups around the city rather I want to highlight and find ways to inspire others to debate and engage with public space and greening initiatives. In my role as City Curator for the National Trust I worked closely with Becca on building green space discussions and opening them up to a wider audience


City of Trees


City of Trees is an initiative that will create a greener Greater Manchester, its goals are to plant 3 million trees, bring 2,000 hectares of unmanaged woodland back into use for the community and connect people to the trees and woods around them. City of Trees is a partnership which brings together public, private and third sector partners and most importantly local communities in helping to achieve this vision. A key focus of the City of Trees initiative is to plant more trees in our City and Town Centres to make them more attractive, healthier, prosperous and resilient to climate change and City of Trees is working closely with A New Leaf to make this happen in Manchester City Centre. City of Trees values A New Leaf as a crucial partner in helping to secure the funding and support from local residents and businesses needed to plant more trees.