Vision & Mission

Greening at Outhouse, Stevenson Square

Greening at Outhouse, Stevenson Square

We are a volunteer effort. We invest our own time and energy to campaign for green space across Manchester’s city centre. A combination of local residents and former residents of Manchester we each bring expertise and personal interests to A New Leaf.  

A mix of theories and practice surrounding the value of green space in urban areas. This includes guerilla gardening, design activism, allotment gardening, green and blue infrastructure, community garden centres, tree planting, graphic communication and print making, bee keeping, health and well-being, educational programming, flash fiction and creative writing.... and so the list continues.

We are also a network and community that brings together organisations such as the City of Trees, Hulme Community Garden Centre, Skyliner, Countryscape, Reason Digital, University of Manchester and Manchester Print Fair. 

If you want to join us in our quest to make Manchester a greener city then you can do so in a number of ways:

1. Sign up to the newsletter (receive communication about events and meetings 4x emails a year)

2. Follow us on Twitter @anewleafmcr

3. Email New Leaf - introduce yourself, provide details of why you’re interested and your availability to meet up